Friday, May 14, 2010

This has not been the best day of my life. We woke up this morning with a flood of water all over the place. It seems that our water heater sprung a leak. One more thing we did not need. We turned the water off and made arrangements to get it replaced. Replacement can't happen until Monday due to scheduling of the plummer. Another daughter of mine is paying to get the water heater replaced. She and her husband are life savers. The daughter here with me has a friend who loaned her a shopvac to suck up the water on the floor and carpet. Another friend of hers let her and my grandson go over to their place for showers. The utility room where the water heater resides is torn apart at the moment and the stuff that was in there is stashed wherever we could find room for it. Can't flush the toilet, wash dishes, or laundry and it may affect our cooking...since the water is turned off. I do have bottled water on hand and two gallons of water that we can "flush" the toilet with. I called my wonderful neighbors next door to ask if we could come over for water if we needed it. They said "no problem".

Due to this "stress" I have had a headache most of the day. I, also, heard from an old friend which helped perk up my spirits a little.

Well tomorrow will get better. Tomorrow will get better. Tomorrow will get better.

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