Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30. 2013

For those of you who follow this blog....I am so sorry that I have not been keeping it up-to-date.

This past Saturday Heather and I attended Context26 which is a Science Fiction/Fantasy writers convention.  I attended a panel where editors and publishers were there to answer any questions the audience might have had.  Heather sat in this panel discussion with me.  She surprised me by telling me that the notes she had taken were for my benefit because she felt that I couldn't hear the panelist farthest away from me....she was correct.

We walked around what is called "The Dealers Room" and this was where books were available for purchase.  There was jewelry and other souvenirs to purchase.  I was able to talk to writers and ask them how satisfied they were with the publishers that they worked with.  Two of the publishers that had booths there were two that I was going to look into for submissions.

In the evening, while I was in a workshop Heather hung out with her friends:  Mark F., Mark P., Lucy, and Roberta.  The workshop I attended was "How to Polish Your Manuscript".  I learned a lot more on how to prepare your manuscript to be salable.  It's all in the grunt work.  The boring, mind numbing, editing portion which can produce fourth and fifth drafts.  Ugh.  Worth trying though.

I had a second date Sunday afternoon with a man named Hollie.  We went to dinner at O'Charlies and went to the theater and watched "Riddick".  The company was good and the movie was good.  We have plans to spend Wednesday together.

I have a new PICC line which was inserted two weeks ago.  I was told that my veins are fragile and the next time they will recommend a port.  I don't think my cardiologist is too gung-ho on the process.  It's minor surgery but I do not respond well to anesthetics.  So we'll see how things go.

That brings things up-to-date for a little while.