Saturday, October 22, 2011

October 22, 2011 - Saturday.

Sorry dear followers. It has been an enormous time since I've last posted anything. Please forgive me for that, a few momentous things have happened in this time period.

I finished writing Dearly Departed Deceased Dingies and am polishing it. Working on the third of my novels in the Flickertail Saga (Snow Flower and Tehya's Tree). Still submitting erotic poetry.

I made several new online friends. One is in England and he answers my questions about my erotic poetry and I critique his. I have a local friend that I hang out with either Saturday or Sunday. We watch TV and talk.

On August 25 I had my yearly physical. On September 13 drank the prep stuff of my colonoscopy. On September 14 I had my colonoscopy. They found a hemmorhoid that we are doctoring for.

Started painting in oil again.

On Friday - September 23, Kent, Heather, Mark (Heather's friend) and I went to the Shadowbox Theater. It was a good night for all of us.

I was called by my doctor and informed that they had set me up with an appointment with a kidney specialist. Evidently my creatinine level was high. I had an appointment with him on September 28. He took a urine sample and blood samples. He said my kidneys were working at 30%. He set me up an appointment for October 6 for an ultrasound of my kidneys and bladder. On October 11 Dr. McClaurin's office called to tell me they were scheduling me an appoint to have an MRI done of my liver because they found a lesion/cysts.

On October 16 I began chatting with a friend in Germany, his name is Jorge Schiller. He's a nice guy.

On Thursday, October 20, I had my MRI done. On Monday, October 24 I get the results of all my tests. Hopefully we will find out what's going on, how to treat it (if possible), and get started to fix what we can. Also on that Monday, Kent starts culinary school and Heather starts her second job.

Depending on what I find out on Monday I will try to keep this blog up to date.