Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday - Swptember 30, 2012

Thursday morning I got up and could barely walk.  My tailbone and both hips ached like crazy.  I went to my dobutamine appointment, then went home, took an Tylenol, and went to bed.  I was still in a lot of pain when I got up and took another Tylenol.  When bedtime rolled around another Tylenol.

Friday morning I was still in pain but it was improving.  Tylenol got me through the day and at bedtime I took half a oxycodine.  Saturday most of the pain was gone.  Only one hip hurt just a little.

I belived that the neuropathy medicine I'm on was the reason I was in pain.  I was told there would be a lot of pain in any spot where the nerves were dying.  This medicine helps restore them.  I have a nerve issue in my lower back for several years.  I had surgery on my back that corrected the issue, but then I bent funny and re-injured it.

This week is filled with dobutimine IV, mammogram, and an eye appointment.

So that's it for now.  

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday - September 26, 2012

Results of the CT scan are back.  I have a small, fatty, hernia near the belly button.  It is nothing to worry about and as long as I'm not having severe pain I should be okay.  However if the pain gets worse I am to call the doctor and we'll see "what next".

Been working on my novel and making good progress.  Plus I am still looking at e-book publishing.

Heather and I are planning a trip up to Marblehead next week to see the lighthouses.  A friend of mine has offered us the use of their cottage.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I'm working on my bucket

Well I'm off now, just wanted to update anyone looking at this blog.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday - September 24, 2012

Waiting for the results of a CT scan of my stomach.   The scan was done on Thursday of last week.  I have not heard anything from the doctor so I'm assuming that all is okay.  I am still in pain.

With the exception of my dobutamine infusion on Thursday I have no other doctor appointments until the first of October.  Woohoo!

Still looking into ebook publishing.  Doing more research on the novel I'm currently working on.  Outside of that there is nothing more to talk about.  Hope that everyone reading this is having a good life.                               

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wesnesday - September 12, 2012

Had a primary care doctor appointment today.  She's concerned about my low blood pressure.  This morning it was 91/52 with a heart beat of 76.  She wants me to monitor it for a week and give her a call with the results.  She wants a series of blood tests ran to check my hemoglobin A1C, BMP, CBC, Lipid Panel and TSH.  I had her check my stomach again because it still hurts and burns.  She felt a small bump which could be a new hernia or an existing one getting bigger.  She wants a CTScan done in a week or two.  Mammogram time is here again so she said get to go ahead and schedule it.  I was told to schedule an opthomogist appointment because of the diabetis.  I had one scheduled at the first of the year and had to cancel it since I was in the hospital.

Tomorrow I have my IV infusion.

Next week I have a cardiology appointment, IV infusion, and a podiatrist appointment.  So things will be busy.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 9, 2012

I got a new pic line on Thursday.  My arm has been sore since then, if it doesn't get better soon I'll call the doctor and see what she has to say about.

Last night I renewed my Medical Alert membership and updated all my information.  I will be getting a new ID bracelet reflecting my pacemaker and some new meds.  Unfortunately they have a small space to engrave all that so its really abbreviated.

I chatted with an old friend last night (Paul) and filled him in on all that has happened in the last year.  Naturally he waid he was sorry I was going through all this and that it made him sad.  I told him not to be sad because it was part of life.

Today I feel meh.  Sad in many respects.  This afternoon my body (face and arms actually) felt numb as well as my brain.  (Stop laughing now and remember I've not always been brain dead.  :)  ).  I took a Tylinol and a nap.  Still feel sad and lackadaisical.


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm doing.

September 5, 2012 - Wednesday.

I'm looking into e-book publishing.  I'm really excited about this.  Right now I'm just checking out many different e-book publishers.  I need to thank my daughter Dawn for telling me about her experiences with books she's reading on her Kindle.  My daughter Heather also needs a big thank you.  She knows someone who has published an e-book who sent me the information to look at her publisher.  Heather is also my sounding board (because she's here and I like to torture

I'm adding the first chapters to my published book on my author website.

I still don't know if I will still have a pic line or get a port.  

Outside of doing dishes and collecting the trash my home nurse should be here today.  Otherwise, all else is serene.