Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wesnesday - September 12, 2012

Had a primary care doctor appointment today.  She's concerned about my low blood pressure.  This morning it was 91/52 with a heart beat of 76.  She wants me to monitor it for a week and give her a call with the results.  She wants a series of blood tests ran to check my hemoglobin A1C, BMP, CBC, Lipid Panel and TSH.  I had her check my stomach again because it still hurts and burns.  She felt a small bump which could be a new hernia or an existing one getting bigger.  She wants a CTScan done in a week or two.  Mammogram time is here again so she said get to go ahead and schedule it.  I was told to schedule an opthomogist appointment because of the diabetis.  I had one scheduled at the first of the year and had to cancel it since I was in the hospital.

Tomorrow I have my IV infusion.

Next week I have a cardiology appointment, IV infusion, and a podiatrist appointment.  So things will be busy.

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