Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What I'm doing.

September 5, 2012 - Wednesday.

I'm looking into e-book publishing.  I'm really excited about this.  Right now I'm just checking out many different e-book publishers.  I need to thank my daughter Dawn for telling me about her experiences with books she's reading on her Kindle.  My daughter Heather also needs a big thank you.  She knows someone who has published an e-book who sent me the information to look at her publisher.  Heather is also my sounding board (because she's here and I like to torture

I'm adding the first chapters to my published book on my author website.

I still don't know if I will still have a pic line or get a port.  

Outside of doing dishes and collecting the trash my home nurse should be here today.  Otherwise, all else is serene.

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