Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 9, 2012

I got a new pic line on Thursday.  My arm has been sore since then, if it doesn't get better soon I'll call the doctor and see what she has to say about.

Last night I renewed my Medical Alert membership and updated all my information.  I will be getting a new ID bracelet reflecting my pacemaker and some new meds.  Unfortunately they have a small space to engrave all that so its really abbreviated.

I chatted with an old friend last night (Paul) and filled him in on all that has happened in the last year.  Naturally he waid he was sorry I was going through all this and that it made him sad.  I told him not to be sad because it was part of life.

Today I feel meh.  Sad in many respects.  This afternoon my body (face and arms actually) felt numb as well as my brain.  (Stop laughing now and remember I've not always been brain dead.  :)  ).  I took a Tylinol and a nap.  Still feel sad and lackadaisical.


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