Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday - March 13, 2012.

It's been a long, long, time but a lot has happened.

In November (November 10, to be exact) I was hospitalized so I could get a pacemaker/defibalator implanted. Per my new normal...my health was slightly less after this procedure. Around Thanksgiving I was back in the hospital due to shortness of breath and very low blood pressure.

Just before Christmas I began passing black stools. This is an indication of blood in my stool...not a good thing. I was sent to the hospital on December 26. They ran all kinds of tests on me. They got blood out of my stomach, but could find no reason for it to be bleeding. They gave me a colonoscopy and told us there was some irritation there but not enough to cause black stool. Because of the pacemaker they couldn't test my upper colon in the normal manner. They got the job done and still couldn't find anything more than a little irritation. I was told I had colitis, but that is nothing new to me, I've had it since 1968. While I was still in the hospital all the prep stuff that I had to take for the tests wore my body down. I was moved to the Cardiac Care Unit and told I needed three days of bed rest. Once that was done I went back to a normal room. While there I had a bowel movement that was nothing but blood. It filled the toilet and ran down my legs onto the floor. The on-staff doctor happened to stop in as I was leaving the bathroom and saw the mess. "This should not happen!" He proclaimed He was going to get a proctologist to check me out. Before that happened I did the same thing all over the floor, on the next day. The proctologist said I had three hemmorhoids and he would remove them. I asked that it be done in the hospital. I felt with my track record that was the best place to have it done.

The next day I was discharged, January 8, 2012, and I went to Pickerington Rehabilitation Facility. I was there two weeks. The first three days I couldn't urinate so they straight line catherized me three times a day. I was eventually able to get back on track with that, thank God! I had physical therapy and occupational therapy each day. I came home from that stay with a walker. I still use my cane in the house and the walked out in public. I got home from here February 2, 2012.

I came home and got a home physical therapist and a home nurse. At this point in time I only have the home nurse who visits twice a week. My health is not improving at the rate I think it should. I am so tired that I just want to go to bed and never wake up. Every task is a chore and I am no longer interested in the things that I used to love to do. Its been at least four months since I've written anything or worked on a book.

Well that's it for now. Later.