Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It was a pretty quiet day around here today. I hand washed two days worth of dishes, dried them, and put them away. It sure is nice to have hot running water and to be able to flush a toilet. Grandson washed (twice) the towels we used to sop up the water during our mini flood. They got dried and I folded them. Next I took the sheets off the bed that daughter and I share and I plan to shower before I go to bed and put clean ones on. Daughter had her shower this morning before she went to work. Toilets ran for a while but I think I now have them under control. The kitchen fawcet had no pressure coming out of it so I removed the screen and it was filled with gravelly stuff. Got that all cleaned out and pressure is better. Then miracle of miracle's the dishwasher came back to life (after not working for 5 months) so I washed dishes in it and it ran just fine. Go figure!

I wrote on one of my novels. Plus I wrote something here. Oh, I also spent some time answering questions on Web Answers. Good day all around.

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