Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's been a complex day today. First off I was up later than usual last night because my daughter needed to bake a cake or two for the gathering after the burial of her friend's mother. We got up early so we could attend the service at the gravesite. Next we went to a friend's house to visit and to eat something. Then several hours later after a nice visit with everyone we came home. My neighbor, Kevin, said he was making burgers on the grill and offered us ones. We took him up on the offer. We traded him two burgers with buns and trimmings for several brownies.

My daughter's son was at the funeral with his father and spent time with us as well. Next week my other grandson (#3) will be moving in with us and daughter's son will be in town that week also.

Now I'm catching up on email and things of that nature but it is hard for me to keep my eyes open. I can't wait to get to bed since I need to be up to go mall walking with my brother in the morning.

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