Monday, May 10, 2010

I have a tension headache and hopefully it will leave soon.

Daughter and I went to three stores grocery shopping for the month. It took us three hours. Then we had to unload it and put it away. (A woman's work is never Since my grandson will be moving in with us tomorrow we really needed the food. After the grocery trip daughter loaded some items in the car to drop off at her storage area so we will have room for said grandson. It will soon be cosy here.

We had a good dinner since we didn't have any lunch due to our running around. Our dinner consisted of braised pork chops, fresh corn on the cob, and sauted asparagus. Very, very, yummy. I cooked the chops and prepared the corn while the daughter preped and cooked the asparagus. Afterward she washed the dishes and I dried them plus put them away. We are now sitting and resting.

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