Friday, July 2, 2010

Surprise! A more speedy post.

Yesterday I went out to trim around the back of the mobile home. You should know that the backyard is narrow and sloped and I am not all that steady. I use a cane to get around and in order to do yard work I carry a few things to where I'm working (trash can for waste, bucket with hand tools, and a garden cart (seat). I had just started hand trimming when the neighbor behind me came up and asked me what I was doing. I told him trimming. He said that he would do it for me for nothing. He said he's always working in his yard which is large and it would be nothing for him to weed wack with his trimmer. I thanked him and carted all my stuff back inside. Thirty minutes later he was outside took all of twenty minutes for him. I made a point to thank him again.

Heather got up and asked what my plans for the day were and I told her it was yard work but now I'd rather take a walk in the park. She, Brian, and Kent are going downtown tonight to see Red, White, and Boom. I declined because of the crowds and the noise. Anyway Heather and I walked half of the trail that connects Pickerington Park to Blacklick Woods Metro Park. It was a beautiful day and the trail follows Blacklick Creek lined with numerous wild flowers. As it got nearer to noon we returned home because it was getting hotter and begining to get harder for me to breath. Humidity and heat affects me that way.

I made chicken cacciatori for dinner and it was well recieved by the tribe. They all said they would eat it again.

We were all up late watching the movie UP and when it was over we all said we were hungry so a midnight run was made to Taco Bell for a snack. After I devoured my Cruchwrap I went to bed.

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