Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kent got to his new job okay. We were all up at 6 a.m. I told the cat it was her fault that we were all up, because she looked confused. Normally she wakes me up so I can feed her and everyone else sleeps on. That was not the case today. She got up on the bed and was standing on me when Kent peeked in on us. Heather got up so she could take him to work. That was when Jane (the cat) looked at me, then Heather, and out in the hall where Kent was. I told her she did a good job getting everyone up and would she please stop standing on me so I could get up. She didn't, of course, so I had to move her. Long story short: Kent got to work, Heather got home and went back to bed, I got up and fed the cat. I am still up.

Want to mention a "Happy Birthday" to Brian! YAY!

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