Saturday, July 24, 2010

Well now, I have been a slouch on posting here...shame on me.

Thursday (July 15) - Did nothing special. Changed the bedding on my bed, did some paper shredding, and worked on a novel.

Friday (July 16) - Had to fast overnight for my yearly physical this morning. Finally got to eat at lunch time. Will get results of the tests she took next week.

Saturday (July 17) - Did my laundry and made a vat of potato salad for Brian's birthday cookout at his other grandparents.

Sunday (July 18) - Went to the cookout and had a nice time. Heather and Kent wanted me to make more potato salad, so when we got home I made another vat of potato salad. (Vat equals 12 potatoes and two large bowls when done.)

Monday (July 19) - Nothing special today. Played on the computer.

Tuesday (July 20) - Did some yard work before it got too hot. Worked on my family history.

Wednesday (July 21) - Worked on a manuscript and collected trash, it is Wednesday after all.

Thursday (July 22) - Kent treated us to dinner. We had Donatos pizza. Brian was with us for his date day with Mom. Then we went to WalMart so Kent could buy some work shoes. After that we drove Kent to Springfield to spend a day plus some time with a friend of his.

Friday (July 23) - Had my results from my physical to share with my nurse (insurance related). My cholestorol is up, so we're monitoring it. My med was changed by my cardiologist and I'd only been on it two weeks. My thyroid was off so the doctor upped my dosage from 50 mcg to 75 mcg. Glucose was okay. Weight is up eleven pounds. After that conversation I worked on my manuscript.

Today (July 24) - I was by myself all day. That was very different. Heather was out setting up for a concert of the Pops and Kent was still in Springfield. Heather picked him up a 3:30 or there abouts and he got home in time to take a quick shower and get to work. He's working right now and Heather is at the Pops concert. I worked on my family history most of the day.

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