Saturday, July 31, 2010

It is with teary eye that I must report the passing of my beloved Baby Jane. She died peacefully in her sleep yesterday afternoon. She has been my companion for 22 years and a great source of entertainment.

When she was allowed to roam and play outside she was always bringing home presents, such as a dead field mouse or a dead garter snake. I remember the time she came home with a puncture hole between her shoulder blades. We doctored her and it healed without a problem. She had a cute little way of talking it sounded like she was saying "Now" all the time.

As she got older she was kept inside. Her eyesight was failing. She was arthritic. I believe she was getting alzheimers by the way she would come into the room, pause for quite a while, then turn around as though she forgot what she came into the room to do. She liked to cuddle when she was younger but crabby about it when she got older.

I know I didn't say much about T. Tom's (we had him 18 years) passage in April, but he was such a different soul. He was timid, had never gone outside, not much of a cuddler, but still had a personality of his own. He was the one who "reminded us" to take our meds, especially Steve. Baby Jane and I both missed him. She would look for him.

This has been a rough year or so. We lost Steve in August 2009, T. Tom in April 2010, and Baby Jane in July 2010. I miss them all.

Steve is in Forest Lawn, T. Tom is in the back yard, and Baby Jane will be in the front yard flower bed. May they rest in peace.

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