Saturday, August 7, 2010

Catch up time.

August 1 (Sunday) - Sat around twiddling my thumbs...arrgg. Did nothing much. Rested up from yard work. This hot muggy weather takes it toll on me. Not to mention the fresh air, sunshine, and labor.

August 2 (Monday) - Walked over and paid the rent and by the time I got home realized I should not have been out in that heat. Had my blood drawn for the couminin level. Worked on the dreaded grocery list. Took Windows updates on my computer. Worked on a novel.

August 3 (Tuesday) - Did my laundry, continued working on the dreaded grocery list (have I mentioned that I hate grocery shopping? It is not one of my favorite things for the past eight years.) Worked some more on my novel.

August 4 (Wednesday) - Dunt, dunt,done - Grocery Day! Everyone was home to day so we went (dunt, dunt, done) grocery shopping! We started at 9:30 a.m. and went to Meijers for the bulk of our shopping. Brought that home. Had lunch. Then went to Krogers for the next wave of deals. Brought that home. Next we went to Gordon Food Store (GFS) and bought meat in bulk. Brought that home. It is now late afternoon and trash needs to be taken care of. I gathered the trash and Kent took it out to the curb for me. I said a sad good-bye to the litter box. Brian was here. That took care of Wednesday.

August 5 (Thursday) - Gathered up remaining cat stuff (wet food, dry food, litter, pan liners, pan deoderizer, flea dip, etc.) so Heather can take it to a friend of her's. Helped out with others laundry, and worked on my novel. Brian, Kent, and Heather went back to the Ohio State Fair.

August 6 (Friday) - Did yard work on till I was dizzy from the heat. Spent most of the day trying to stay awake. Napped a bit. Kent made cookies last night...yummy.

Now we are caught up to today. It's still pretty fresh so not much to report. See you later.

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