Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bad me, bad me, I haven't posted for awhile.

Sunday: Worked on revamping one of my manuscripts. That is tiring, believe it or not, so I took a nap and that took care of the rest of my day.

Monday: Did some laundry and housework. Went back to my manuscript to revamp it, still.

Tuesday: Ran Malware and Norton on my pc. That took several hours. Worked on an outline for another manuscript for a change of pace then back to the one I'm revamping. I have a few more chapters before I can say I'm finished with it. I made Magic Cookie Bars for our evening treat. They are good!

Kent went on a job interview and got hired. He doesn't start for a couple of days. Heather went to Philadelphia to pick up Brian. He's spending the night with us.

Wednesday: Worked a little in the yard, gathered the trash (it's Wednesday, again), and worked on my revamping. Brian was with us until three this afternoon then he was delivered to his other grandparents for a "family" thing.

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