Saturday, June 26, 2010

Here's the scoop!

Yesterday the cable people were here and exchanged the main cable box for a different one. All seems to be working fine. I went and had my blood drawn to have my coumadin level checked, then we went to Krogers to pick up a couple of refills.

I worked on my manuscript and made a strawberry coffeecake (but not at the same time).

Today the plans are to do laundry (which is started) and to enjoy a couple of DVD's. After dinner tonight we plan on going to Slate Run Metro Park for a Bat tour (eat your heart out Dawn - lol). The tour starts at 9:00 pm. Hopefully we won't get eaten by mosquitoes.

Heather worked out in the yard for me today. She put a fence around those pesky tiger lillies and did a repair job on my falling off its pedestal mailbox. I really appreciate all that she has done.

Kent had a job interview this morning and he seemed satisfied with how it went.


  1. HEHE! I hope the Bat Tour was good! My poor little misunderstood batty-friends need people to know just how beneficial bats are to humans. Tours like these can be beneficial to both. :-)
    We hope to get to one of the Bat Flights here soon. Several large colonies of Mexican Free-Tail Bats roost within 4 hours of Houston and each night they take flight in spectacular displays.

  2. It had been a rainy night but we did see a few brown bats (big and small). I'd say maybe ten bats in all. Heather tried to get pictures with her cell phone but they were too far off to capture in the picture. It was fun to do. We all got a bat sticker plus an education on how bats live. Woo Hoo!