Monday, June 7, 2010

It's plain to see that I missed a couple of days here. This is getting habit forming.

Friday - I worked in the yard weeding while Grandson washed off the patio furniture and hosed down the front of the house and the patio. That took the stuffing out of me.

Saturday - I was homer a loner. Daughter and Grandson went over to Daughter's friends house and they ripped out carpeting in two rooms. It took all day. The one room was on concret and the furring was cemented into the basement floor. So we had a late night. I spent my day online goofing off.

Sunday - I was on my own again. Grandson went back over to rip carpeting out of two more rooms and two closets. Everything got done but one closet. Daughter dropped him off to do this while she went to an arts fair in the downtown area with another friend of her's. I did my laundry, did a little reading, knitting, needlepoint, and was on the internet the rest of the time.
Grandson worked all day and still has a closet left to do. That has yet to be scheduled.

Today - Worked out in the yard today trimming around the patio. Did some educational reading, knitting, needlepoint, and weights. I wrote on one of my novels and posted something here. I'll be roasting a chicken for dinner tonight and we're all supposed to be here to eat.

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