Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My daughter's son was in town today so we all got together and went to Three Rivers Park for a tram ride through the woods. It was beautiful and educational. It had been raining in the morning but had cleared up and was pleasant for the ride and rest of the day.

Daughter's son had to be back at his other grandparents because Dad was going to be there to take him home to PA. She took him there, then went to meet up with a friend of her's. That left grandson three and me at home for dinner on our own. We tried out a new dish, Tamale Pie, that wasn't bad. We had plenty of leftovers so that will be our dinner tonight.

I keep forgetting that it is Tuesday, today, and not Monday. So sometime today I need to get to WebAnswers and answers some questions. Grandson Three has been rearranging my kitchen today. I wish he would leave things alone, but we compromised on a few things. It will take awhile for me to adjust I'm sure.

He pulled a trick on me and it took me two days to realize he did it. He lengthened my cane. I was getting frustrated that it keep falling off the spots that I used to hang it on. Plus I noticed my shoulder was sore and I had done nothing to make it sore. Then I saw that the cane was taller. He then confessed to having changed it. I asked him not to do it again because it could make me hurt myself.

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