Friday, June 11, 2010

Once again...I'm behind with postings.

Tuesday - Answered a couple of questions on WebAnswers and asked a question. Worked on one of my novels. Went to WalMart to get some exercise. I made a chicken pot pie from scratch. It turned out well and was a hit. That was about all I did.

Wednesday - Trash Day! Through out the day I collected the trash. I worked on my novel. Grandson made most of our dinner with me helping by doing oven fries. He made chili dogs and mac and cheese. Dinner was a hit. We nominated daughter to cook the next day. Grandson made a fruit salad for our bedtime treat.

Thursday - Heard back from the publisher I was trying to interest in one of my manuscripts. They sent a polite, but no go, email. Now I will look for another publisher to poke. That took up a large part of the day. Daughter made Indian food, something I've not had much of. We had grilled chicken with chutney, rice pilaf, and nani (a bread of sorts), plus she made a dessert to top the meal off. It was all very tasty even though she wasn't happy with how it turned out. It was edible and yummy...even she admitted that.

Friday - Today we went to Blacklick Woods Metro Park and walked one of the trails. I ran malware to check my computer for took a little time so I worked on my novel while that was going on. When I leave my blog I will work on my resubmission items.

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