Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday - October 10, 2012

Heather and I had a lovely time up at Marblehead, Ohio for three days.  It was cold as all get out but we still had fun.  The sky was filled with gray clouds the first two days but we didn't get any rain.  The third day was still cold but filled with beautiful sunshine.  The first day there we drove to the Marblehead lighthouse and it was lovely.  Then we picked up some groceries at WalMart and headed to the cottage we were going to be staying at.

Mark my home nurse's mother-in-law had a place that she lets out for the summer.  She offered it to us free of charge because it was off season and we weren't going to be there long.   The cottage was a five bedroom, two story, home and was appointed quite well.

The next day we booked a round trip ride on the Miller Boat ferry over to Bass Island.  Once on Bass Island we rented a golf cart to get around.  We went to the Perry Monument.  Heather climbed up the inside of the monument while I stayed at the museum and watched a movie about Olive Hazard Perry and why he meritted a monument.  Then we went to the Butterfly House and walked among hundreds of imported butterflies.  Heather got some nice pictures.  Next we went to Mossbacks for dinner.  I wanted to see what a place called Jane's Trail was all about.  By the time we got there it was closed and it was a nature trail that I probably could not navigate.  Then we returned the golf cart and waited for the ferry back to the mainland.

We had dinner and watched some TV.  I fell asleep in my chair just like I did the night before.  This night I was ill most of the night with diarrhea and vomiting.  No fun at all.  I finally did get to sleep and Heather let me sleep until one in the afternoon.  We packed up and headed out.  We were headed to the African Safari Park.  Once there we drove through the park and fed the animals from the car, then we walked through the walking zoo.  We left there headed home and looking for a place to eat dinner.  We found Gus's Grill and Grog and had a very down home dinner.

Still have a little diarrhea going on. 

Tomorrow is my dobutamine IV treatment and then when it's over we're off to Pittsburg to pick up Brian for the week-end.  He has something going on in town here with a group (like boy scouts).

Will be back some other day for what news I might have.

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