Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday - October 21, 2012

Two weeks ago Heather was ill with dizzyness, nausea, and ringing in her ears.  Her friends, Roberta, Mark, and Em saw to it that she and the car got home okay.  This was a Friday afternoon (Oct. 5).  That evening she was still feeling rough so she called her boyfriend to take her to the ER.  Long story short she was diagnosed with vertigo and prescribed a pill for the verdigo and one for the nausea.  She really didn't start feeling back to normal until early last week.  Needless to say I was more concerned that she was having a heart problem.  It was nice to find out differently.

Working on revising one of my novels to e-book form.  It seems that every publisher that I've dealt with wants a certain format and it is never the same format from one publisher to the other.   Uggg!

I'm feeling pretty good.  The cardiologist gave me a good review.  Thursday at my dobutimine session they had trouble getting it to work, but after flushing it several times it started working.  They called the doctor to let him know.  Hope all goes well next Thursday.

This week I have appointments with the kidney doctor and my primary care doctor.  The primary care doctor will be going over my CT scan, which showed a small hernia....I don't know if its a new one or an existing one acting up, as well as review my blood work up for sugar, cholesterol, and other things.

My life seems to be an endless circle of doctors and tests.  Well that has caught us up here for the time being.    

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