Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gee, imagine this, no big gap in posting. lol.

Did a follow up note with the publisher yesterday (October 25) that I have a novel out to for consideration. Haven't heard anything back yet (not that I expected to). Spent a lot of time working on the next entry into the series. One in print (Snow Flower), one at the publisher for consideration, and the one I'm working on. I have several more ideas for that series as well.

Jonathan and I are no longer speaking to each other. It was a hard decision to make but I made it. Heather and I went to Blacklick Park for fresh air and "blowing out of cobweb" time. It did improve my attitude. Live and learn. All is well today.

We are supposed to be in a severe storm watch as I type. They say winds of 50-60 miles per hour are possible. I can believe that. The wind is howling around the trailer and shaking the skirting. Just hope that big, old, leaning pine behind us doesn't decide to "drop" in.


  1. Sorry about Jonathan. Shame that it worked that way. You deserve happiness.

  2. Thank you. Now he and I are playing cat and mouse games. He doesn't realize how close he is to no longer talking to me again. I'm waiting to see what his next move is. I really would like to trust him but I just don't know.