Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To all my friends who check my blog I'm sorry that the old blog is gone since I've moved to Gmail. What you see now is my "new" blog. It's still WriterMunn.

I switched to Gmail because not all of my daughters are receiving my emails due to them having Gmail and I didn't. They couldn't read them.

My youngest daughter has moved back home with me on a temporary basis (sort of). The move and plan has several pieces to it. This was just the first. She moved from Mass. to change jobs and to help me out. Next we plan to rent a place that can accommodate four people. Daughter, her son, my grandson, and me. Basically to cut the cost of living in three different homes. This will be interesting.

We have been getting more exercise in our lives. We've walked in a two state parks. Plus we are trying to eat healthier.


  1. Truly. I just figured out (6/14/10) that people were actually leaving me comments. My bad...I did not mean to ignore you.