Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I had a kitchen faux pas today. I blew up three eggs that I was hard boiling. I had forgotten that they were on the stove until I heard a "pop". I was wondering what could have caused the "pop" when I remembered the eggs. One was completely blown open and the other two were cracked and had burn spots on them. Once they're cool I'm going to toss them out...I don't believe that they are salvageable. Now the house smells of rotton eggs and I need to try to successfully try hard boiled eggs again.

I was busy answering questions on webanswers and totally forgot the eggs. I guess I don't multi-task well. I did need the one of the eggs for dinner tonight, but my dinner plan changed and what I was going to make changed as well. However, I still need to get a hard boiled egg together for tomorrow. This time I will stay in the kitchen until they are done.

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