Monday, April 19, 2010

Good afternoon. Feeling much better than I did yesterday, but not quite back to par. Did a little housework and made a couple of phone calls. I plan on making Amish pork chops for dinner tonight with yam hash and broccoli cuts to round it out. Yum, yum. We decided to "stay in" today so that I can get back up to speed as it is still cold and windy outside. Tomorrow my daughter has to take her kayak to get inspected and registered in the state of Ohio. I have a teleconference call with my health nurse tomorrow. We're going to discuss heart failure and it's signs. I read the booklet that she sent me and I'm pretty much doing what it recommends, which is counting calories, exercise, weight, BP, other vitals and writing them down. I've done that religiously for the pass four years. I'll be interested in what additional things she'll have to say.

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