Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday - February 2, 2013

I am currently in a relationship with Charlie Probst.  He and I get along very well together. 

This month will be super busy for me.  Charlie is occupying my time and I have three doctor appointments- PLUS:

The most exciting news (besides Charlie) is that Heather and I have joined a gym.  I'm definitely committed to at least two days a week this month and will try to get a third day in as well.  At this same time I joined the Senior Citizen club in Groveport where the gym is in the Groveport Recreation Center.  I am in the Silver Sneakers program at both.  I've walked the inside walking path twice this month, so far.  I'm waiting for my doctors to give me any restrictions on what machines I can or cannot use. 

Heather and I are trying to fit more vegetables and fruits into our diet and cut back on the meat and starches.  The meat I'm okay with, I only want meat now and then.  The starches will kill me (LOL) I do love my 'taters, pasta, and rice...oh, gosh....I forgot bread.  Eating more yogurt, cottage cheese, and fish.

Keeping an eye on calories, cholesterol, salt, and sugar.  Ugghh!  Not liking it but "live with one portion" is my motto now.

Hope all this helps to keep me moving along.

Almost forgot!  I'm trying to "plan ahead" and there may come a day when "assisted living" might be my next "big event" I'm looking into assisted living places....they are pricey.  However, even though I don't plan to do anything until another three and a half years they do have waiting lists.  I was advised to look around and when I find something I like and can afford to get placed on the waiting lists.  Heather and I are doing this at our leisurely.  I'm tired of yard word and all the maintenance.  Right now I'm still somewhat self-sufficient.  I can't carry anything big like a laundry basket while using my walker (it wasn't a cake walk using a cane, but it was do-able), plus I have a five pound weight limit on what I can lift.  So Heather does my laundry for me (washing and drying) and I fold and put it away.  I can't mop, sweep, or vacuum with the walker and when I was using the cane I went without the cane to mop, sweep, and vacuum...not safe.  Grocery shopping and putting away is a chore so Heather and I try to do that together.  Some times Kent helps carry the groceries and push the cart and put away groceries as well.  We fit three butts in a one butt kitchen....hahaha.  I can still cook and do dishes.  I still can bathe and dress myself.       

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